in full bloom

in full bloom

The first sight of colorful blossoms from beneath the snow and perched on branches above awakens our emotions and inspires new feelings of hope for the year. Insects arrive to exploit sweet nectar; birds fashion exquisite nests to fill with tiny, optimistic eggs. Soon enough we'll return to familiar routines, so take a moment now to enjoy these fleeting sensations while you still can.

Flower Patch

Circa 1920's, this vivid early quilt piece is printed on fine cotton would make a great repair patch for your favorite blouse, jacket or sweater.

Find this item and more at I. U. Tripp & Co., a general store with roots as far back as the 1830s on Main Street, Oak Hill, New York. We are located about three hours north of Manhattan, half-way between Hudson and Albany, and just a stone's throw from Windham.

$ 5.00