chicken or the egg

chicken or the egg

They don't make 'em like they used to. Think back to life in a simpler time when form followed function, creating the reassuring logic of an early modernism. Industrial design was still hand-hewn- as much art as artifact. Materials were selected and forms fashioned to serve a humble purpose that often feels lost in today's world.

Salesman's Sample Wash Board

Circa 1880, a charming miniaturized version allowed traveling salesmen to tote many more product samples to prospective general store owners in the 19th century.

Find this item and more at I. U. Tripp & Co., a general store with roots as far back as the 1830s on Main Street, Oak Hill, New York. We are located about three hours north of Manhattan, half-way between Hudson and Albany, and just a stone's throw from Windham.

$ 45.00