tinsel tradition

tinsel tradition

Like ice, pure silver shimmers- certain to delight the spirits like a brisk winter breeze lifts our senses. Mercury glass, silver cups, antique tinsel, early silver ornaments, cut crystal- layered-upon-layer- create a interior winter wonderland equal to any outdoor spectacle. Silver is the perfect backdrop for accent colors and textures, even better woven through evergreen boughs.

Silver Kugel Ornament

An early 4 inch silvered glass Kugel ornament with a brass cap and ring.

Find this item and more at I. U. Tripp & Co., a general store with roots as far back as the 1830s on Main Street, Oak Hill, New York. We are located about three hours north of Manhattan, half-way between Hudson and Albany, and just a stone's throw from Windham.

$ 220.00